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What Is Legtricity?

Legtricity is a powerful FOL (Fear of Loss) down-line building system that will explode the growth of your organization, increase converted enrollment and retain distributors longer!

Mobile Ready

Mobile is no longer the exception, it’s the standard, and you can’t afford your distributors to be left behind. Legtricity works on PC’s, MAC’s, tablets, iOS and Android devices. One marketing/fear of loss system to run on any smart device your distributors or pre-enrollees use.

How Leggy Works

Distributors and pre-enrollees invite others to “pre-enroll” into your company without risking any money.  New pre-enrollees can then see in real-time their organization growing.  As pre-enrollees below them upgrade they are notified and are presented with a set date and time to upgrade to full distributor status or risk losing all of the upgrades below them.

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Contact us today to discover how the Legtriciy Fear of Loss (FOL) marketing can turn your distributors into marketers and your marketers into leaders. We look forward to giving you a demonstration of this MLM “game changer”.


Revenue Stream

Distributors enjoy a higher conversion rate and a higher retention rate when using the Legtricity marketing system.  You can generate additional profits when your distributors pay for the privilege of incorporating Legtricity into their marketing efforts.


No Spam Communications

Pre-Enrollees, as well as upgraded distributors, can opt in or out of notifications by email or by SMS or both or neither.  Legtricity puts the power of communications in the hands of the end user, not the company thus eliminating any SPAM aka UCE (Unsolicited Commercial eMail)


Fear of Loss Marketing

Do you buy something with a coupon for fear of losing the discount? Have you ever been worried about getting out of line for fear of losing your place? Imagine a marketing system that created the same fear of losing distributors, sales and income? Worry no more with Legtricity for your distributors!


Purge and Compression

Pre-enrollees who do not upgrade before a set day and time each week or month, determined by you, are moved below those that upgrade.


Pre-Enrollment Upgrade

Pre-enrolled distributors don’t have to pay anything wile watching their downline grow, and then upgrade before compression occurs.


Secure Payments

Legtricity is a PCI-DSS software application that utilizes 128bit encryption for processing the credit card transactions through your merchant account.

What Is Legtricity?

Legtricity is a powerful downline building system that can explode the growth of your organization!
Are you ready to turn the most mild-mannered of distributors into a recruiting machine? If so, Legtricity is for you. Every distributor becomes a power hitter with Legtricity because it relieves the distributor of the pressure associated with “closing the deal”. Distributors are converted into lead generators, the company is converted into the lead closer and pre-enrollees are converted into distributors due to fear of loss.
Here’s how it works… distributors are free to recruit other distributors just as they are now, but they’re also empowered to bring aboard pre-enrollees. Pre-enrollees are individuals interested in your opportunity, but undecided as to whether or not they should join.
  • Distributors Enrolled 100% 100%
  • Spam Complaints 0% 0%
  • Upgrade Conversions 73% 73%


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