A Fear of Loss marketing system, or F.O.L., is a data driven notification tool that sends notifications based on when distributors join, when they upgrade, when they are about to be compressed, then they are about to be removed, when new distributors join their organization and when new distributors upgrade in their organization.

Pre-enrollees accept and join the business opportunity for free. Then, after receiving enough time to evaluate the opportunity, if they do not upgrade to full distributor status by a certain date they will be removed from the F.O.L.

The reason for upgrading is that as a distributor an individual is able to see other new distributors joining “below” in his/her business organization.

As those distributors pre-enroll and then subsequently upgrade to distributor status, the notification system is triggered into action.

The “fear” is that if a pre-enrollee does not upgrade to distributor first, he or she will lose the money generated by the distributors below them. In other words, the individual will lose commissions that would have been his or her own had the simple action of upgrading to full distributor status been undertaken.