Legtricity is a powerful downline building system that can explode the growth of your organization!

Are you ready to turn the most mild mannered of distributors into a recruiting machine? If so, Legtricity is for you. Every distributor becomes a power hitter with Legtricity because it relieves the distributor of the pressure associated with “closing the deal”. Distributors are converted into lead generators, the company is converted into the lead closer and pre-enrollees are converted into distributors due to fear of loss.

Here’s how it works…

Distributors are free to recruit other distributors just as they are now, but they’re also empowered to bring aboard pre-enrollees. Pre-enrollees are individuals interested in your opportunity, but undecided as to whether or not they should join.

Your mild mannered distributor can offer to allow any prospect become a pre-enrollee. As a pre-enrollee, the prospect receives fully customizable messages from you related to the benefits of joining the company. Messages are delivered via e-mail and our proprietary 100% spam free instant notification system. You can configure as many different messages as you like as well as the intervals on which they’re sent (2 PM tomorrow, 9 AM and Noon the following day, etc.).

The best messages sent to a prospect though are those automatically delivered when a pre-enrollee upgrades to full distributor status. That’s because every prospect who was enrolled by your distributor before the upgrading pre-enrollee will receive a message: “You snooze, you lose! Mary just upgraded – she would have been a fully commissionable distributor in your Downline if you had only upgraded first. Upgrade now before you lose out again!”

Fear of loss fuels the upgrade fire. A few messages about income lost and another pre-enrollee will be moved to upgrade, which sends another message up making other pre-enrollees think hard before they miss out again.

Your Clark Kent distributor is suddenly a recruiting Superman!