Legtricity is about building Downlines and making money. Your distributors benefit when using Legtricity by way of increasing the size of their Downline. The company benefits from an increase in sales due to a larger sales force.

There’s also another way that Legtricity can help build your company – by becoming a direct revenue stream. TheLegtricity sales model is built around charging a flat fee per distributor using Legtricity each month. As the company, you will be billed monthly for the number of active distributors present but you will also have full control over the rate that you charge to distributors for the use of Legtricity.

As an example, you may pay $15 per user, but choose to charge $20 per month for each distributor that wishes to use it. The model is truly a win-win-win for your company. You win by building a bigger organization, keeping your distributors happy and generating income by reselling a service that you are not responsible for maintaining or supplying!