Every time someone within a distributor’s pre-enrollment line upgrades, a notice is sent that spurs others to take action.

  • Pre-enrollees enter Legtricity under a no risk, no obligation, no cost-free trial… ready to be primed for upgrade by you!
  • Pre-enrollees are always on-the-clock and must take action within a specified period of time to risk losing their position in the pre-enrollment line.
  • You snooze, you lose – those that have not upgraded within the specified time period are compressed out of the pre-enrollment line.
  • During the entire process, pre-enrollees are receiving notices related to the activity around them, the opportunities they’ve lost and the need to act now before they lose even more.

Instant Notification

Our unique Instant Notification (“IN”) system works in conjunction with an e-mail to make sure that your messages are being delivered. While spam controls might block your e-mail notices, no such problem will be encountered with our proprietary IN that works similar to MSN Messenger.

The intervals at which notifications are sent are flexible to your choosing. For example

  1. Instantly
  2. Every 15 minutes
  3. Every hour

Desktop Application

Replace the paragraph with: “Distributors who use Legtricity can install a desktop application on their home computer or laptop. The desktop application, similar to an Instant Messaging program, notifies the distributor each time certain events occur within his or her pre-enrollment Downline.

The Desktop Application

  1. Auto-launches the program.
  2. Installs an icon in the user’s System Tray that stops, starts and closes the application.
  3. Installs an icon on the user’s desktop that launches the program.
  4. At the time of installation, individuals input their username and password, the same username and password they use for accessing the system via the website. Supplying the username and password authenticates who the user is.
  5. At the time of installation, the individual sets the system to send a notification of new events every “X” minutes or “Y” hours… the distributor has the freedom to choose his or her own notification schedule.

Similar to how logging into MSN Instant Messenger notifies users of how much e-mail they have in their Hotmail account, this application notifies them of how many system alerts they have in the Legtricity System. The desktop application also shows distributors the types of system alerts that are currently available for viewing.

Further, the desktop application that notifies distributors of system alerts as well as the website from which they receive the alerts can be fully branded to your company.