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SMS Enabled

Today’s technology allows for individuals to determine how THEY want to receive communications.  Legtricity was designed with communications in mind (at the end of the day, this is a communications application for pre-enrollees and upgraded distributors to receive “instant” notifications when someone has pre-enrolled or upgrade in their organization.

Legtricity can, at the pre-enrollees and upgraded distributors option, deliver instant notifications right to their mobile devices allowing them to immediately see the growth of their organization.  This also allows your company to avoid the “spam” complaints so often associated with emails.  Pre-enrollees and upgrade distributors can turn this feature on or off right from their back office.

Of course, Legtricity also offers them the ability to receive notifications by email, desktop notifications from a small “optional” installable application (PC and Mac) as well as from an optional application they can install on their mobile devices (both iOS and Android).