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How Leggy Works

Lead Insertions

  1. Distributors in the MLM business opportunity generate leads.
  2. Leads are directed to visit the marketing website to pre-enroll into a business opportunity for a free trial period.
  1. Once the lead accepts and joins the business opportunity, he/she downloads and installs the Legtricity proprietary IN (Instant Notification) system on the desktop. The Legtricity IN system is similar to IM (Instant Message) systems such as Yahoo, Google, ICQ and MSN Messenger. Messaging systems of this nature have gained widespread popularity over the past several years and are now embraced by advertisers worldwide.
  2. Messages are also delivered through your existing e-mail provider with each user of the system having the ability to opt out of receiving messages at any time.

No-Spam Communication

Fear of Loss Marketing

  1. The Legtricity system will countdown a predetermined number of days, such as 7 (one week) or 30 (one month), at which time the new pre-enrollee will be removed from the system if he or she has not upgraded to distributor status by the appointed time.
  2. Each time a new pre-enrollee enters the system, messages are automatically delivered that welcome the pre-enrollee and alert the Upline of the new individual. You have the power to at anytime change the messages sent out!
  1. During their free trial period, pre-enrollees will receive messages notifying them of:
    • How many paid distributors have come in after them.
    • How many other pre-enrollees are below them.
    • Date on which failure to upgrade to full distributor will cause them to be purged from the system and lose the possibility to receive credit for paid distributors.
    • Any other messages that you choose to setup and have sent.

Purge and Compression

Pre-enrollment Upgrade Management

  1. The fear of loss becomes very strong when pre-enrollees see their organization growing virally below them and know that they will lose out on income without upgrading. When a pre-enrollee upgrades, the following messages are automatically delivered:
    • Member welcome letter.
    • Member Upline notification.
    • Member sponsor notification.
    • Any other messages that you choose to setup and have sent.
  1. Legtricity is a standalone system that will work with any direct sales, affiliate, party plan or MLM software. If your company has a need to build a sales force, Legtricity can help.
  2. Even software that has not previously been integrated with Legtricity can be with our easy to follow integration guide. In just a few short days time your Downline can be energized with Legtricity.

Freedom of Choice

Billing & Payment

  1. Payments for an upgrade to full distributor status are collected online by either credit card or pre-paid activation cardPre-paid activation cards are available singularly or in bulk; bulk rates are discounted.