Quick, name the four letter word that e-mail users find more offensive than any other. That’s right, the word is “SPAM” .

Data Driven Notification System

You want to build a successful network marketing company with strong Downlines but other people’s spam is handcuffing your dreams. How? Your online marketing initiatives have been impeded… sending information via e-mail even to interested parties is virtually impossible.

All the major e-mail providers are eliminating your good communications because they can’t differentiate from the thousands of bad ones that flow through their systems every day. Eliminating spam has become a big business and that is hurting your business.

What if you could get all the benefits of an e-mail based campaign – plus more – by sending messages in an alternate fashion where spam isn’t a concern. What if you could reach the masses? Would you be interested?

If so, Legtricity is the product for you! Legtricity is revolutionizing the way that recruiting and information campaigns are conducted in network marketing. Instead of communications being sent by e-mail where most are lost, eliminated or, worse, cause you to run afoul of anti-spam regulatory agencies, Legtricity delivers information through a proprietary instant messaging tool similar to Microsoft’s MSN Messenger.

All communications are safe, secure and assured of reaching their target destination – the people that are going to be part of your Downline and help you explode in growth.

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